Hot Cast Polyurethane


Although polyurethane can be processed in a variety of forms, Elastomer Engineering specializes in Cast Polyurethanes. Cast polyurethanes are processed by mixing a prepolymer and a curative. This can be done by hand or in a dosing machine. This process allows polyurethane to be ‘cast’ into a variety of mold shapes and sizes to form net sized or near net sized parts. Because of the nature of the process, tooling for cast polyurethane can be very economical. EEI can provide tooling packages for small production volumes, or large volume, multi mold cavity tooling.

Finished cast polyurethane parts can be soft as a gum eraser or hard as a bowling ball. EEI specializes in formulas from 60 shore A to 75 shore D durometer. Five precision polyurethane metering machines allow us the versatility to process a variety of materials at the same time.

ast polyurethanes can be selected to replace many materials. There are a wide variety of chemical back-bones available in the polyurethane family. When a particular physical property is required, a polyurethane formula with the right chemical make-up can address requirements of; modulus, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, cut and tear resistance, hardness, rebound, compression set and other requirements of the job.
In traditional applications where metal parts are used, a polyurethane part can be lighter in weight, abate noise issues, is corrosion resistant, and offer better wear resistance.

When compared to plastics, polyurethanes exhibit better abrasion resistance, offer a broad range of elastomeric properties, and prove less brittle. When replacing a rubber part, polyurethane can provide improved abrasion resistance, greater resistance to cut and tear, higher load bearing properties, and offer more versatile molding choices.
Elastomer Engineering has grown to be a leader in the aggregate industry. Years of development of high performance polyurethanes have led to an outstanding reputation in the sand and gravel industry. Highly abrasion resistant polyurethanes have proven to be a problem solver for buyers and engineers alike.